Philosophy and Pricing

The most important part of a book, aside from the story held within its pages, is the cover. A good cover can catch a reader’s eyes as they peruse the shelves, whether virtual or otherwise, and draw them in. A story readers otherwise wouldn’t have seen now has a chance. My most important job as a cover artist is to make people give your story, your characters, that chance. Art is my passion, more specifically, cover art. I love the way a book cover acts like a siren’s song, bringing potential readers to it and the story within. It is this passion that drives me to create the best work of art I can for you. I realize the artist-author relationship is an important one and I am completely open to your suggestions. I welcome them, but I’m also fully capable of creating a piece, requiring little to no input on your part if that’s more comfortable. Tell me about your story: I’ll give it a face.

Pricing: My fees are $100 per cover. Though I am open to negotiations. I will honor your budget, and I’m here to help you.


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