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M/M Authors Exposed

Six authors and 1 aspiring author/amazing graphic designer respond.

Fyn Alexander: I have a number of stories and characters floating around in my mind at any given time. They can come from a picture I saw in a magazine  or something someone has said, perhaps a memory from my past. I usually start with the characters. I get an idea for character traits and names and then the rest flows from there. I have never written an outline in my life. Sometimes I work out my own fantasies in a story, like Jade Swift for instance, who was a complete brat, just as I always wanted to be but never had the nerve. I start writing as soon as I know how I want to begin and let the rest of the story develop from there. I thought I was really unprofessional until my editor told me that lots of…

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The Sun Series by Robin T. Popp

“Galactic smuggler Angel Torrence resented Colonel Nicoli Romanof from the first order he barked at her. His disembodied voice – arrogant and bossy – blared out of the Icarus’s control panel, not to thank her for rescuing him and his ship from the terrorist attack, but to instruct her to set a course for the most perilous planet in the solar system.

On the riskiest mission of his career, Nicoli had allowed his life essence and his physical form to be separated. And the Harvestors had taken the bait – his body. Now he needed the cocky pilot who’d stolen his vessel to help him retrieve his persona and destroy the deadly race of aliens. Then he discovered the young man was a woman, and he kissed his chances of success goodbye.

When Nicoli refused her assistance because of her gender, Angel would have moved heaven and earth to prove she was
up to the task. But she never expected the colonel’s physique to be so magnificent – or his heart to be so courageous. And when a passion she couldn’t deny flared between them, she wondered if they’d found love or flown…Too close to the sun.”

“Adrian Sun is an emotionally hardened galactic bounty hunter hired by Phoenix Eemin, a Xenobian priestess, to rescue her father from a mysterious crime lord holding him hostage. Because the Fourth Quadrant is no place for a woman – especially an empath – Adrian and his partner, Jack Jones, head out on the rescue mission alone.

Phoenix, who is only pretending to be an empath, is easy prey to the criminals she encounters after Adrian abandons her. Too soon, she’s being held prisoner in the cloud city of Heaven and forced to use her “empath” skills in order to stay alive.

When Adrian learns what happened to Phoenix, he can ill afford the time and trouble it will take to rescue her, but there is something about the beautiful empath that arouses his protective instincts and causes even his deadened heart to
beat faster.

Then they learn that Phoenix’s father is being held on the same planet where Adrian was once held prisoner – and by the same sadistic madman. Adrian barely escaped once with his life and his sanity. He’s not sure he can do it again – even For the woman he loves. But Phoenix is determined to go with or without him and he’ll be damned if he lets her walk into hell alone.”

“Jack Jones bears the mark of God’s Tear- a bloodstone tear drop below his eye – given to those Demon Wraith gang members who have endured something so horrible that even God cried at the thought of it. Wanted by criminals and government agents alike, he’s been in hiding for the last five years, but when word reaches him that his young friend, Alexis Romanof, is missing,he’s willing to risk his own life to find her.

Alexis Romanof isn’t sixteen anymore. She’s fully capable of taking care of herself and she’s made it her mission to discover who’s behind the accidents plaguing her family’s tyrillium export business. When she finds them, she intends to bring them to justice. She doesn’t mind if Jack wants to tag along. After all, she’s been in love with him since that first moment she saw him five years ago. And now that he’s back in her life, she’s not letting him go a second time – at least not until he recognizes she’s a grown woman.

For her plan to work, though, they’ll have to survive smuggler assassination attempts and clear Jack’s name with the government. And then there’s her brother – Nicoli Romanof – who’s not too fond of his baby sister getting involved with a Demon Wraith.”

I enjoy working with Robin immensely! It isn’t often I get to do something as action packed as Science Fiction and I relished the opportunity to work with a style and vision that I’m unable to utilize most of the time.

The Sun Series is listed as coming soon at Robin’s website, but as soon as I have the release dates, I’ll let you guys know

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Donal agus Jimmy by P.D. Singer

 The best jobs in 1911 Belfast are in the shipyards, but Donal Gallagher’s pay packet at Harland and Wolff doesn’t stretch far enough. He needs someone to share his rented room; fellow ship-builder Jimmy Healy’s bright smile and need for lodgings inspire Donal to offer. But how will he sleep, lying scant feet away from Jimmy? It seems Jimmy’s a restless sleeper, too, lying so near to Donal…

 In a political climate turned volatile, Jimmy fears he’ll have to choose sides. He’d do anything to keep his Donal safe, even emigrating. Will shoveling coal on the ship nicknamed The Pride of Belfast make a new beginning for them, or the end?

I loved reading Donal agus Jimmy, but I enjoyed designing the cover for it even more. P.D. Singer is a woman that knows her mind and what she wants. I love and hate that about her which is why this particular book cover is going to be the subject of a post on designing for clients. It was a harrowing journey, I assure you from concept to finalization, but I think Singer’s and my combined efforts created one kick-ass cover!

You can pick up your copy of Donal agus Jimmy at Amazon.

PD Singer lives in Colorado with her slightly bemused husband, two rowdy teenage boys, and thirty pounds of cats. She’s a big believer in research, first-hand if possible, so the reader can be quite certain PD has skied down a mountain face-first, been stepped on by rodeo horses, acquired a potato burn or two, and will never, ever, write a novel that includes sky-diving.

When not writing, playing her fiddle, or skiing, she can be found with a book in hand. Her husband blesses the advent of ebooks — they’re staving off the day the house collapses from the weight of the printed page.

Pam is always glad to hear from readers; feel free to send a note!


Hello Everyone!

As many of you have been able to tell, it has been extremely quiet around here and there is a simple explanation for that. I have been a busy little beaver and have been working my fingertips to the creative nub to design a whole slew of new and shiny book covers to show you guys! Now, in the coming days, I’ll spotlight each and everyone of these bad boys with a post and buy links so you can get your hot little hands on them but for now head over to my Gallery of Works page and look at all the new guys and gals rubbing elbows next to your favorites! (All of them being my favorites equally. A parent cannot pick just one)

Until next time,

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Eden Winters- Lambda Awards Finalist

Eden Winters’s novel “Settling the Score” has been named as a finalist for the Lamba Award in Gay Romance!! This is beyond wonderful news for anyone who’s read any of Eden’s work, and if you haven’t, you been put on notice that she is worth the read.

Closeted mechanic Joey Nichols’ life is good. His boyfriend landed a major Hollywood role, and is well on the way to superstardom. Joey’s bags are packed and soon he’ll leave small town Georgia and join the man of his dreams in California, to live out, proud, and together. Days before his planned departure, his lover outs Joey during a televised interview and announces that they’ve broken up, leaving Joey to face the bigotry of the locals alone.

Bestselling author Troy Steele knows all about having life turned upside down by the media. Now a recluse, Troy shuns all the trappings that come with writing books made into blockbuster movies. He spends his time exacting revenge on a former flame via his novels and hiding out in rural South Carolina, watching celebrity gossip shows. Joey’s fifteen minutes of fame bear an eerie similarity to the plot of Troy’s latest work in progress. What if Joey could be transformed into everything the fickle ex wanted, as Troy is writing for his fictional hero, and secretly wishes for himself? Once polished, could a diamond-in-the-rough good ole boy confront his ex, then walk away, pride intact? These are Troy’s questions, and he’s counting on Joey for answers.

Find it here at Torquere, or here at Amazon, or here at ARe.

I have my copy. Get yours!

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I’m back with new covers and an entirely new look for the gallery! Gone is the old vertical column. Here to stay is the multicolumn look with a snazzy new slideshow!

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Left With the Dead

The finalized cover for Left With the Dead, a new novella by the talented Stephen Knight has been approved and will grace the front of the bridge gap between The Gathering Dead and  the yet to be released The Rising Horde- for which I’ve already completed a first draft for the cover. Have a look!

The Gathering Dead in Paperback!

The Gathering Dead Full Cover Layout

Amazing news Dear Readers! The Gathering Dead by Stephen Knight is being released in paperback by Severed Press!! This is wonderful news for me as a cover artist. I’ve never held a print copy of a book with one of my covers on it in my hands and I’m quite looking forward to that. *rubs hands in glee* 

So, if you like good zombie fiction and dislike ebooks (I know I do) then pick The Gathering Dead!

Until Next Time,

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March Madness Rummage Sale

The GLBT Bookshelf is having their annual rummage sale. I am extremely late in reporting it but better late than never I always say.

This year there are two stories featuring covers done by yours truly.  Tinsel and Frost by Eden Winters and Tool for Change by P.D. Singer. So hop on over and get some really great stories at a discounted price.

Until next time, Your Artist

The Gathering Dead Released!

I’m not entirely sure on the etiquette for mentioning the works of authors you have done covers for but this is my blog and I’ll do as I please.

The Gathering Dead by Stephen Knight released today and I’m exceptionally happy to see it live. I took a risk with this cover and tried a stylistic look I never have before. I’m quite proud of it.

Here is the product description:

The zombie apocalypse has begun, and Major Cordell McDaniels is given the most important mission of his career: lead a Special Forces Operational Detachment into New York City to rescue the one man who can stop the army of the dead from reigning supreme. But one of the team’s helicopters goes down as the Big Apple is overrun by legions of the dead, an enemy with which there is no possibility of negotiation. McDaniels must find a way to get the remainder of his team and their high-value charge to safety… without being devoured by the gathering dead.

But as members of McDaniels’ team reanimate, themselves turning into flesh-eating ghouls, the rules of the game suddenly change… for the worse.

Until next time, Your Artist