M/M Authors Exposed

DH Starr: I love to write when other shit is getting me down. When I sit to write, I get lost in my character’s heads and their problems become my reality for a little bit allowing me to ignore my own crap. Then, when my characters are done for the evening, I feel like I’ve spent time with friends. Somehow, whatever was bothering me before doesn’t seem so bad.

Eden Winters: I’m not sure “motives” is the proper term. Writing is like breathing; it’s something I must do to exist. My work background is as a technical writer, and when I’m not actively writing something, I find I’m miserable and disjointed. It’s a creative outlet for me, and way to express myself when speech fails me.

Ethan Stone: Motivation. There are days when I want to ask where the hell my motivation is. I don’t know where it comes from…

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